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The Bronze Stable

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The bronze stable is full of lots of things to do first you have a number of taxes to pay just like the gold stable and other stables but it is only more intense like I said earlier pay them daily or pay them often you have to choose one to pay and obey mistress or you will suffer big time slave. so get paying your taxes and doing your task or else. from the time you join the stable if you do not choose a task you will have to leave the stable gradually over time remember why you joined in the first place

Find the taxes that fit you best and pay every single one of them often, if not daily! 

Sissy bitch - Are you a sissy bitch do you love putting on women's clothing. it yes pay slut ​($5)

Female inside - Do you feel like a female inside do you want to be set free from all your male responsibility's. if yes pay ($4)

Humiliation - Do you like humiliation if yes pay up ($5)

Fucking your wife - Do you want to fuck your wife huh better luck next time just for thinking of it pay up ($7)

Lusting over other women -  Have you lusted over other women in the past wishing you could fuck them pathetic pay ($10)

Fucking your girlfriend- Did you just fuck your girlfriend without asking your mistress permeation pay nasty slut.($6)

Ebony girls - Do you like ebony girls have you catch your self looking at hot ebony women heheh pay up ($5)

Looking at ass - Have you looked at ass today from a man/woman if you did well your in big trouble slut mind your business. ($6)

pussy lover - Did you think of pussy today . pay up ($4)

Ass licker - Do you like licking ass mmmmmm I love my ass licked pay up for thinking of it . ($6)

The Bronze Stable

Slave Taxes

Task and assignments

​You have to complete each task and assignment daily I should have several task that Is ready and all done and send to my mail box often remember you choose to join this stable and you have to commit to the rules of the stable .  so get completing the task down below and make mistress happy.

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