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Custom Content

I have a number of ways that you can get custom content from me choose one down below and lets get started.

This is a custom to you and your city public slave assignment.

This means after you tell me the city you live in, I will take the time myself to check out what your city has to offer or places to send you and then come up with a slave assignment just for you.

You will also let me know if you want this to be a humiliation jerk off assignment or a public humiliation assignment, etc – It will be custom to you just mention some requested elements when you contact me :

Delivery time is anywhere from 4 hours to one week (typically 4 hours to 2 days)

​Cost: $150

​*no other information other than your city is needed and I only ask that so I can find places to send you*


I want clips custom content form


Kink bomb custom content form

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