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Feminization blackmail contract

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Hello sissy do you know what this is yes you guessed it right feminization sissifying  blackmail. You will be forced to do sissy and feminizing tasks all that I give you all for mistress pleasures . You will be performing multiple tasks get ready to be the true sissy you always wanted to be.

You will have a chance to feel what it is like to be a woman and to experience what women experience on a regular.

You will have training classes and dating classes you will also find out were you can go to find a mate that you will then pleasure as a good sissy bitch. once you fill out the form below you will be joined to a group for sissys were you will then begin your tasks that are placed  for you by me your mistress.  fill out the form below so mistress can know how to better manipulate you bitch boy hehehe evil laughter

There are many ways to be feminizes choose one of the ways you would like to be feminized and begin your transformation from a terrible wannabe sissy to a real beautiful attractive woman. Choose from the steps below.

1. Webcam sessions - If  you have access to a webcam and have skype or yahoo messenger you can have a live transformation sessions with MISTRESS BOSS LABET live. payment is taken thro PayPal or any other form of online payment.  

2. Live sessions - If  your located in the  New Jersey area or Pennsylvania , NYC or any near by states and would like to meet in person for a live one on one training and dress up session fill out the form below to get started. Note if for any reason you would like to cancel an appointment call first or you will not be booked for time in the future.


3. Training thro videos , assignments , quizzes etc.. - If  the  above sessions are not convenient for you then choosing to be trained thro videos and assignments that I created specially for you would be the best option. You will have to follow the trainings from the videos and assignments and report back to me to make sure you are doing it right and you can be fully feminized. In other to view my feminization videos and assignments open an account on any  of my online video sites to be able to purchase and view the clips  . I WANT CLIPS ,KINKBOMB ,CLIPS4SALE, ONLYFANS,


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