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Kinky News & Secret Stories Podcast

Kink news are adult news and private stores that explores kink, fetish and BDSM topics. There are topics that range from story's with the rich and wealthy , corporate America, Wall street secrets and other well known powerful men and women of society . All there kinky secrets exposed from the one and only Infamous New Jerseys most Powerful Mistress Boss Labet. No names is called 100% Client Confidentiality . The goal of kinky News is to entertain listeners with facts and personal experience stories and special guest who share there experiences and expertise


Client confidentiality ? 

Mistress Boss Labet  talks about a  NYC high power attorney that called for a dominatrix a.k.a Mistress Boss Labet to boss him around and use and control his finances. He is a well known face on TV very popular in the media with high profile cases. Listen to the podcast now you wont believe what happened .

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Mistress Boss Labet Used pig slave talk all.

This is a fun and entertaining story told by a long time used cum eater slave for Mistress Boss Labet. He spills the beans on eating cum out of random peoples ass and pussys . he even talks passionately about loving it and how he feels about eating cum and being a pet of a powerful Mistress. 

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Mistress Boss Labet  Amazon wish list slave gives every thing he owns and becames Bankrupted 

Mistress Boss Labet  talks about her first encounter with a wealthy Jew and the deep dark secrets he had and wanted to get full fill. He then becomes her amazon wish  list slave and eventually gives  up all his belongings now lives all alown on the streets.

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Marred man gets caught by his wife  of  25 years  while in face slave position . 

Mistress Boss Labet  talks about her face pig slave who got caught by his wife of  25years  in an expensive luxury hotel room. One he payee for off course . To be mistress face fucking slave.

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