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                           BECOME ANOTHER OBYEING LOYAL SLAVE IN MY STABLE 1000 faces and you are the next one

How it works

Welcome to my Slave stable.  I know that your inner slave aches to be set free to serve a real Powerful Mistress  like Myself.   Your inner calling can be fulfilled by joining my stable of slaves within the slave stable .  Know that the slave stable offers the first of it’s kind in interactive serving, motivation and accomplishments.


“As  a weak man is to a dominate woman and a submissive man is to a strong mistress … The Slave Stable is to Slaves!”.

Understand that the slave stable is my interactive poppet string dangling Empire for submissive males, coaxing them one by one into my web of control.  As you undergo the increasing steps to serve me you will strive more and more to serve and please Me.  You will fulfil personal targets and achieve goals. 

But you are not on your own… because the slave stable is a house to  many like minded weak submissive men who strive to serve mistress and please me the best. 

The social aspect of the slave stable includes, private messaging, slave groups, Paying your slave taxes are to prove your loyalty as a submissive slave .   Be aware that the Slave stable is not only a slave community, but is also an addictive place to spend your money when you just feel down and out and looking to spoil mistress.
The serving aspect of the slave stable includes a plethora of , tasks, assignments, contracts and commitments.    Oh I have so much in store for you my pet! 

I know just reading my words makes you eager to register and offer your weak self to me, but first I want you to continue reading and learn how the slave stable works.


​Serve and Achieve attention

Now make yourself familiar with the following, because these will be the driving forces of your enslavement get ready to serve .

  • Slave points – the core of your servitude.  Earn points for, tributing, buying clips, gifts, completing tasks,

  •  Male ego - with every act of servitude, your male ego will be reduced. Your aim is to achieve 0% ego.  Low male ego gives access to mistress on a regular.

  • Ranks - increase slave rank with every act of servitude and interaction.  Climb the sucker ladder.

  • Slave coins – the currency of the slave stable, earned from tributes the more you give the more attention you receive.

  •  Certified Stamp - earn a certified stamp from me for tributing, buying gifts, clips, buying form the slave store.

  • Slave referral - slaves who refer new slaves get rewarded with mistress personal attention.

  • Slave privileges – Increased servitude and receive undivided attention and custom clips from mistress to you

  • The rules – ensure you read and follow the rules of the slave stable.

  • Slave punishments – assigned at the discretion of Mistress of disobeying the rules.

As a slave within my slave stable you will be granted your own private and personal access to me your mistress. the more you participate in the slave stable and gain ranking the more you receive contact with mistress. be sure to complete any slave assignments and purchasing of gift and clips and tributes or your punishment will be greatly severe.

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