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Mistress boss labet is a well known and respected high level professional Dominatrix . As a chocolate goddess   For the past 10 years this mistress  was a private S&M player in the private brofels of the famous red light district in Amsterdam .

My trade mark has been wearing extreme high red pumps , Thru out my full career I am a true intense sadist and master at hart . I truly love what I do as a professional and lifestyler. I have always been a low profile dominatrix . Working privately with high level professionals around the world .

I can be a very strict mistress and I can be a very loyal mistress as well . I am strictly looking for loyal slaves as of right now . I do not tolerate any disrespect from my slaves or new clients. you will refer to me as mistress boss labet at all times. Never will a slave talk to me by my name first without the mistress in front of it or you will be punished . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I am a serious mistress I do this for a living so I am defiantly good at what I do. I don't accept new slaves that think that this is just a money making service and I am not a professional . If your coming to me for a free service or looking to be a private slave of mine just so you don't have to pay you have another thing coming. I have slaves that has worked there way up to be worthy of my time and to be my personal slave privately and free , but these slaves has to go thru a vigorous test before they can prove that they are worthy to have me as there mistress and to be my personal slave.
​Now I have many personal slaves and if you would like to be one fill out the personal slave from and also be located in the central NJ area.

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