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Please your mistress slave Cash is always better but gifts are nice to

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Get an Honor of adopting a Bill

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I love my kaoir cosmetics buy mistress this you will receive more attention

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How to please mistress boss labet

Here are some of the ways you can please your Mistress BOSS LABET

1. Always be respectful and polite Do take no for an answer

2. Don't be disrespectful if you cant make contact with mistress right away

4. A small gift is a good way to intrudes yourself

3. Always make your mistress know if you cannot make an appointment

5. Don't drink to mush before session and don't be afraid to talk to your mistress

Would you like to mail cash tributes to me or hand deliver cash to my door steps . what about personal love letters to me of your deepest darkest fantasy and fetishes you wish to have with me.


Take cash and place it in two brown paper bags then place the brown paper bag in a magazine then take that magazine and put it in another magazine . Then put it in a bubble wrap brown envelope and mail it out to the address at the bottom of the this assignment .


Any love letter to me will be send to the address at the top of this assignment . hand Witten love letters will be responded immediately .


Any gifts send to me mail it to the address above , any cash gifts follow the message for cash girts .

MyEmailaddress :     ""

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