Slave Application Info

So, you want to be a slave of mine?  Lets’ get one thing straight… nobody serves me for free! but if you are still looking to serve for free click the link to find out how.  If you are truly serious about submitting a slave application, you will have no hesitation in tributeing  $50+ or sending a 25+ Amazon gift card. Remember I am a financial dominatrix and a life stile dominatrix as well this is your first step in being taken seriously.  Note that I do offer real time, in-person femdom sessions or personal meets. Do not contact me offering ways in which to avoid paying.  There is only one thing you are useful for and that is by pleasing Me in the way of financial servitude or gifts.  Ensure to enroll  in the slave stable and graduate to ensure you are a proficient slave, also sing up  at for my newsletter to  learn more on my personal lifestyle as a powerful mistress .

Duty of a slave

Once a slave of mine, you will be assigned a slave number.  This is your new identity.  You will be addressed by this number and use this number when contacting me.  You will undertake daily tasks within The slave stable.  You will not question your tasks.  You will not think.  You will simply obey.

Step 1: Send Compulsory Tribute

Step 2: Submit Application

Send at least a $50 tribute or a $40 amazon gift card
tribute thru NiteFlirt or PayPal
​email PayPal:

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Based in Houston TX I travel national as well as international advanced booking available passport ready Via deposits made thru :

  • chase quick pay

  • gift rocket

  • google wallet

  • nite flirt

  • strip

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