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What’s Your Fetish?

“Erotic humiliation is the consensual use of psychological humiliation in a sexual context. Whereby one person gains arousal or erotic excitement from the powerful emotions of being humiliated and demeaned, or of humiliating another; it is often, but not always, accompanied by sexual stimulation”

There are many types of slaves and subs. Some know what they want, others haven’t a clue. Through my experience, let me introduce you to the most common types of fetishes and slaves. If any of these subjects interest you apply as a slave .  Servitude can be via tributes with nothing expected in return and other ways to serve me.

Financial Domination

The number one and ONLY way you will get my attention is by tributing me. This is your first step towards financial slavery. I do not tolerate money slave wannabes. I am too busy to put up with timewasters, losers and beggers.
Send Tribute

The purpose of a financial slave is to tribute an allocation of his monthly earnings to Mistress Boss Labet . I become his number one priority. He is honoured to serve me and have me as his owner.  Lucky slaves can Adopt a Bill or be assigned responsibility to provide for specific things.

Human ATMs are machines. They have no feelings, no emotions, no human reactions. They operate via commands such as “withdrawal requests $50” for example. Their response is “$50 provided and their remaining balance is quoted”. As Financial Slaves, Human ATMs are given a financial allocation per month.

Lifestyle slaves pay for and maintain my luxurious lifestyle. Lifestyle slaves provide weekly or monthly tribute amounts with deadlines for when is to be provided. Failure to provide or meet the deadlines results in penalty fees, which are added to the payment required. Lifestyle slaves can also Adopt a Bill.

A gift slave has to buy me at least one gift off my Amazon wish list every week.

Hypno slaves are like putty in my hands. I so easily hypnotize them with my voice. I manipulate them to my advantage. The biggest mind fuck ever is when I put a hypno slave into a trance state and before he knows it, I have fucked up his head and finances. Most hypno slaves don’t even remember it happening. buy my hypno clips



One of my favorite types of slaves are Chastity Slaves.  They are the slaves that feel the closest to me because they are restricted by me, 24/7.  Oh how I love that!  Just knowing they can’t get aroused always makes me giggle.  It keeps them in a perpetual state of submission.  Whilst in a constant state of frustration, the chastity slave will do anything to be released.  Some are allowed temporary release when good deeds are done, others live in eternal torture.  Some very lucky chastity slaves have the chance to pay me to hold their key.  If, after serving me well and providing adequately, they may pay for the key to be sent back to them. Buy my chastity clips

Consensual Blackmail Fantasy

The temptation to hand over dangerous information, including embarrassing and humiliating photos, just makes some subs quiver.  Blackmail slaves beg to hand over that all important info, only for me to have so much power over them that they pay large amounts of cash to release themselves from life ruining humiliation and total exposure.  Play the most dangerous blackmail game with me right now and be exposed on my Blackmail Wall.  To submit your photos and info to my blackmail wall send it all here .
Buy My Blackmail Fantasy Clips


Cuckold slaves pay for sexy outfits, lingerie and anything that will please my “real man”. Cuckold Slaves will pay for evenings out with me and my “real man”, they will pay for hotel fees and room service, champagne, also things my “real man” desires, such as clothing, colognes, hair products. Cuckold slaves literally contribute to my real relationships with “real men”.  The deep humiliation of handing over cash to another superior man, whilst being ridiculed, is the ultimate for cuckold slaves.
Buy my cockhold clips


Humiliation slaves always keep me entertained. Tasks for humiliation slaves vary from being forced to buy my real man something, taking orders from my real man, being forced to wear the most ridiculous outfit, making fan signs, writing on themselves, some tasks even include forced bi role play (if they are into that!). Play the most dangerous humiliation game with me right now and be exposed on my Blackmail Wall.  To submit your photos and info to my blackmail wall send it here.
Sissy slaves are for me to dress up and play with. They will purchase what I tell them to, dress as I tell them to! I have a strict regime for sissy training, this involves a series of cam and phone sessions. Challenges will be given including sissy role play scenarios. I love giving them daunting tasks such as forcing them to wear a pair of their gf/wife/partners panties or bras, then make them take a photo of themselves at work in the toilet.
Buy My Humiliation Clips

Foot Fetish

Foot slaves contribute towards my pedicures, shoes, boots, stockings. When foot piggys have pleased me, they are allowed to buy cam sessions at which time they are allowed to worship my perfectly pedicured toe nails. A foot slave will only ever view me from ground view.

Work for Me as a Bot Slave

Too shy to contact me, or maybe you’re just a loser who can’t possibly afford me.  Well, you can still work for me without me even knowing it.  Learn How to Serve

Apply as a Slave

Apply as a slave to get a slave number and regular tasks from me.

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